Yinson Production Norway Summer Internship Programme:

Yinson Summer Internship Norway aims to build a strong foundation, while maximising the interns’ potential for success in their future career. The annual programme is open to students studying in Norway and students in their penultimate or final year of higher education with a desire to work within a global multi-cultural company in the energy sector. Our goal is to allow the interns to gain an insight into the business life at Yinson, give them an on-the-job training opportunity, as well as the possibility to put into practice all their academic knowledge in an international and cross-cultural environment.

The first internship programme was launched in 2021, a scheme which was unprecedented for Yinson Norway. After receiving over 400 applicants, six candidates stood out and were ultimately selected for the internship: working on real-time projects matching their skills and interests.

The three-month programme kicked off in June 2021 with a two-day induction event, followed by a social dinner with their mentors, and lasted until August 2021. Towards the end of their internship, all of the participating candidates presented what they had worked on along with the lessons learnt and recommendations for Yinson. This was presented to the management, giving Yinson an all-important fresh perspective from the interns.

This year, Yinson Summer Internship Norway is once again inviting talented students to bring in their new perspectives and solve real tasks and challenges.


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