Board of Directors

Mr Lim Han Weng

Mr Lim Han Weng

Age 67, Male, Malaysian

Group Executive Chairman
Non-Independent Executive Director


Board Committee positions held
Member of Employees’ Share Scheme Committee


Date of appointment
Founder/First Director – 9 March 1993
Group Executive Chairman – 28 September 2009

Mr Lim Han Weng embarked into the transport and trading business in 1984 with the founding of Yinson Transport (M) Sdn Bhd. He was the main driving force behind the formulation and implementation of Yinson’s corporate and business strategy until the baton of managing the day-to-day work of Yinson was handed over to Mr Lim Chern Yuan in 2014. He remains the largest shareholder in Yinson and continues overseeing Yinson’s direction and overall performance. He is the spouse of Mdm Bah Kim Lian, brother to Mr Lim Han Joeh, and father to Mr Lim Chern Yuan and Mr Lim Chern Wooi.

Directorships of other public companies
• nil

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