We live out our Core Values by celebrating our diversity

At Yinson, we are determined not to simply pay lip service to our Core Values. Our Core Values are not something we came up with to tick a ‘corporate image’ box. We truly believe that as a company, how far each employee embraces our Core Values directly correlates to the success we can achieve.

The Values are intended as a guide for all Yinsonites to make sound decisions. By adopting these Values, every employee can be empowered to make a difference in their everyday tasks, overall job scope, and even their personal lives. These Values are the critical factors to whether a strong decision is made – which will bring success – or a weak decision is made – which will have a negative ripple effect.

We believe that our investment into corporate culture will result in a tangible difference to the overall success of Yinson, and we look forward to sharing some of these outcomes with you in the coming days.

CY Lim
Group CEO of Yinson

Vision & Mission


To be a global energy solutions provider that is known for being reliable, open, adaptable, decisive and sustainable


Passionately delivering powerful solutions

Core Values

  • R


    We always deliver on our commitments

  • O


    We foster an environment that promotes trust and learning through honest communication

  • A


    We understand our stakeholders and collaborate to realise our common goals

  • D


    We take ownership of every situation by finding solutions to move forward

  • S


    We seriously consider the economic, social and environmental impact of everything we do

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