Yinson desires to be a reliable partner to our communities and the environment where we operate our business. This is in line with our Core Values – Reliable, Open, Adaptable, Decisive and Sustainable.

Our CSR mission

  • To promote quality education and effective learning for all

  • To promote environmental conservation and preservation

  • To address climate change and its impacts

  • To improve and/or built resilient infrastructure

Our CSR objectives

The creation of shared value in terms of long-term outcomes and lasting positive impact in our communities and the environment through corporate philanthropy or/and impact investing.

The encouragement of our employees to be involve in inspiring future generations and care for the community and environment through active participation in YINSON’s CSR projects or through other forms of volunteerism in their own communities.

  • Introducing the Yinson Scholar Programme, a scholarship initiative for students from low-income households in the Western Region of Ghana

Yinson4Youth (Y4Y) Grant

Amplifying the initiatives of passionate and change-making youth.

Yinson4Youth (Y4Y) is an exciting new initiative designed to empower youth to achieve their dreams for a more sustainable future. Under Y4Y, we are pleased to announce the Y4Y Grant, which aims to provide funding to support youth-led projects that are aligned with our sustainability focus areas and aim to bring about positive social and environmental transformation within Malaysia.

We recognise that youth, with their innovative and dynamic mindset, are key to driving and delivering lasting positive change as we build towards a sustainable and resilient future. In Malaysia, passionate and courageous young changemakers are pioneering initiatives with profound and enduring impacts in the communities where they serve.

We are looking for youth-led organisations to be part of our Y4Y Grant, where we plan to award two grants of up to RM50,000 each. If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected] to find out more about the grant and how to apply.

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