Zero Harm to People and the Environment    

In our project execution and daily operations, we at Yinson are committed to minimise our environment footprints in the FPSO industry. We are taking the necessary steps below to protect the environment footprint in the FPSO industry, and recognise climate change as a business concern.

Our Aspiration Goal Icon List

  • Emission
    • Reduce travelling activities by installing modern communication infrastructure (i.e. video conference system).
    • Encourage employees to utilise public transportation or cycle to work instead of driving and provide shower facilities at offices.
    • In FYE 2019, the CO2 emissions due to air travel from the Kuala Lumpur, Oslo and Singapore office is 3,784.5 tonnes.
  • Pollution
    • No major releases of hydrocarbons to the environment form 2014-2016.
    • No reported operation spills into the sea since 2012.
    • Immediate steps to be taken by operations team along with HSEQ team to address potential hazards.
    • Zero spills or discharges of hydrocarbon overboard our vessels in FYE2019.
  • Energy & Water
    Energy & Water
    • Reduce power consumption and water wastage.
    • The amount of electricity consumed in the Kuala Lumpur office in FYE 2019 is 242,840kWh.
    • In FYE2019, we consumed a total of 244.6 GWh and 179,000 m3 of water across our operational vessels.
  • Waste
    • Reduce paper consumption, cleaning detergents and batteries.
    • The Oslo office added electronic recyclables to our office waste segregation efforts.
    • All offices stopped using plastic disposable water bottles and containers.
    • Our Singapore office reduced usage of plastic coffee stirrers by 93%.
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