We Care for Our People and Planet. They Drive our Profit.

At Yinson, we have a zero-harm policy – to our people, to the environment, and to company assets. We understand that what makes us successful in our industry is our long-term charter contracts and working relationships.

This is why in all that we do, we think about the long-term impact of our every decision. By adopting a mindset of sustainability and by caring for our people and planet, we believe this will in turn, drive bottom-line growth

HSEQ Focus Areas

We are allowed to make mistakes, but we are not allowed to make mistakes without learning from them.

HSEQ Policies

At Yinson, the safety and security of our people and environment is a key aspect of our business. Through rigorous ISO certification, governing processes, and staff training, we aim to build healthy, safe workplaces where our people can thrive and feel proud of the work we do.
  • Environmental Policy

    Yinson Production shall be an organisation that acknowledges our social responsibility and we shall minimise our environmental footprint. Our aspirational goal is zero harm to the environment.

    We will achieve this by:

    • Complying with all relevant rules and regulations
    • Openness regarding our environmental achievements
    • Selecting and following up with suppliers
    • Identifying and ranking our environmental impacts
    • Implementing an environmental focus plan based on our environmental impacts
    • Using environmental friendly solutions
    • Minimising the use of resources
    • Increasing our focus on energy efficiency
    • Avoiding accidental discharges to land, air and water

    We are dedicated to remaining certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.


  • HSE Policy

    Yinson Production AS is committed to the highest standards with respect to Health, Safety and Environmental Protection and our objective is zero accidents throughout our operations.

    We will achieve this by:

    • Integrating HSE into all our business activities creating safe and healthy workplaces.
    • Being committed to minimizing the negative impact of our activities on Health andthe Environment, and complying with the applicable laws and requirements.
    • Providing up to date information, training and supervision needed to make sure that all workers are safe from injury and risks to their health.
    • Meeting and exceeding the requirements and expectations of our clients, shareholders, and partners.
    • Ensuring that our suppliers meet the same high standards as ourselves.
    • Evaluating and improving our systems and performance continuously.

    In Yinson Production we believe that all accidents can be prevented, and that all employees have a common responsibility to care for each other and the environment. Implementing this Policy is a management responsibility, and all employees are obliged to abide by it.


  • Quality Policy

    Yinson Production shall be recognised by excellence in project execution and vessel operations.

    We will deliver Units that fulfil the requirements, expectations and needs of our Clients. Our obligation to quality in project execution will form the basis for reliable, safe and effective operations of our units. Our commitment is to be a preferred long-term partner for oil companies.

    We shall achieve this by:

    • Implementing an effective Management System in compliance with ISO9001
    • Controlling suppliers and contractors
    • Auditing and monitoring
    • Managing nonconformities, incidents and lessons learned
    • Continually improving processes and products
    • Complying with rules, regulations and Client requirements
    • Using competent personnel with proper training
    • Following-up established quality goals
    • Identifying and managing risks
    • Using specifications and standards reflecting specified requirements and Client needs

    The HSEQ department is responsible for facilitating and monitoring, while each employee is responsible for delivering quality in his or her work.


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