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Training Administrator

Location: Takoradi

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure, at all times, through OCS that the records  are accurate, current, usable and accessible.
  • Administer all Onshore Inductions elements and Internal Training.
  • Co-ordinate Competence & Capability process, ensuring all job roles have competence & capability maps.
  • Liaise with managers on content of Competence & Capability maps.  
  • Track progress of personnel through the induction process, ensuring all induction elements are completed.
  • Deliver induction elements, where required.
  • Ensure all training events have appropriate course descriptors.
  • Ensure those delivering inductions/training are approved to deliver sessions.
  • Ensure all training materials are up-to-date.
  • Liaise with various departments and provide support on induction content & delivery.
  • Ensure feedback is received for induction elements and consolidated.
  • Track eLearning (Seagull).
  • Provide relevant parties training, development & competence certification on request.
  • Maintain strong customer relationships.
  • Commercial awareness & control on spend for department.
  • Keep abreast of training, development & competence and technical initiatives, includes legislation and best practice.
  • Provide input to the Operating System forms, processes and procedures.
  • Liaising with existing staff to clarify job descriptions and related expectations.
  • Studying and contributing to the operations and climate of our company.
  • Drafting instructional manuals, onboarding materials, and other relevant documentation.
  • Administering regular, detailed needs assessments to identify skills deficits.
  • Orienting new hires to their function within the grand scheme, as well as established company norms.
  • Addressing skills deficits through tailored in-house training.
  • Coordinating external training as the need arises.
  • Monitoring staffs' performance by liaising with line managers and department heads.
  • Availing yourself as a sounding board for all employees with the explicit aim of improving their orientation and training.
  • Upholding confidentiality, unless legally mandated to do otherwise.


Job Requirements


  • Good secondary and higher education
  • Certificate in Training Practice
  • Train the Trainer (or equivalent)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Ability to conduct thorough needs assessments to gauge training needs.
  • Strong desktop and in-person research, presentation, and reporting skills.
  • Energetic, determined, and highly capable disposition.


  • Microsoft Office – Excel, Word, PowerPoint.
  • Training & Competence Database knowledge.


  • Experience in a similar Training & Competence Administrative role
  • Experience in co-ordinating internal learning events
  • Working knowledge of the learning cycle
  • Knowledge of the design, development & delivery of learning events
  • Experience in delivering presentations
  • Experience in delivering training


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