3 reasons why running doesn’t work

Jogging (any other type of long, slow distance training) is not an optimal training method. It can be downright bad for you. There I said it. Here’s why. 1. It doesn’t help you look good (this is a big problem, right?) Time to be more honest … the main reason people want to start an exercise program is to look […]

5 Guidelines for Buying a Siberian Husky Puppy

There are many potential dangers when it comes to purchasing a Siberian husky puppy. The following 5 guidelines will ensure that you buy a quality puppy that will give you a life full of happiness and love for dogs! 1. Purchase from an ethical Siberian husky breeder Unfortunately, the dog farming industry is rife with irresponsible and unethical practices. In […]

How can I save my home from foreclosure?

The dispossession of mortgage loans only means that the deed must be abandoned through judicial activity. Home loan stripping is often referred to as legal abandonment. A home loan is a security record that allows the borrower to retain title to the property while using the property as collateral or insurance for credit. The lender at that time puts a […]

FHTM Review – $ 60 Million Man

FHTM stands for Fortune-Hi-Tech-Marketing. Its headquarters are in Lexington, Kentucky and it is a privately owned and 100% debt free company. To be a company established to help ordinary people generate residual income and change their lifestyles. Fortune-Hi-Tech-Marketing, being 100 percent debt free, offers consumers the everyday products they use today, as well as the opportunity for individuals to start […]

Planning a Fantasy Football Draft Package in Las Vegas

So what is the perfect destination for your football season to start off with a boom? How about taking a trip to Las Vegas for a fantasy football draft party or just a weekend getaway for that week’s NFL matchups? Regardless of whether it’s qualifying everyone’s lineups for this year’s fantasy league or just enjoying a weekend with your soccer […]

My Maui hen friend

In my area of ​​the island of Maui, there is a lady known as The Chicken Lady. She is a good friend of mine. There are probably several so-called chicken ladies here, but I’m talking about the Kihei one. Kihei is the Waikiki of Maui, more or less. There are subdivisions with houses and roads, but there are also many […]